Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Abroad Special

To go abroad is to accept to lose one’s bearings and to go into the unknown for our greatest pleasure. Nevertheless, preparing well for your trip, being well informed and following some common sense tips can avoid disappointments and make it even better to enjoy your stay as a regular traveler or casual. Example: Book in advance: hotel rooms, plane tickets and car rentals (I booked orlando airport enterprise for $10 per day once).

Tip 1: Consult the tourist and diplomatic offices before leaving

It is quite easy to find the coordinates of the tourist office of the cities that you will visit on the internet. Do not hesitate to contact them before your departure (by mail or phone) to receive all the information you need. It’s finally quite simple and especially free! This will allow you to collect a wealth of information either in electronic format or in paper format.

Do not hesitate to visit the diplomatic website which is particularly complete for departures abroad. You will find many information by destination, the latest security alerts, and practical information to prepare for his departure, local legislation abroad, different types of risks…

Tip 2: Record and remember emergency numbers abroad

Make sure you know the emergency number of the country you are visiting. It is vital to know who to call in distress. In France, the emergency numbers are 15, 17 and 18 (EMS, police and firefighters).

Tip # 3: Be a responsible traveler

Traveling abroad also means adopting the right attitude that the situation requires. You some tips that may be useful:

• Language: you do not have to know the local language perfectly but try to learn some basic words like to say hello, thank you or goodbye. This will always be appreciated in the contacts you may have.

• Us and customs: observe and listen. Try to decode the local habits, politeness to blend in the best possible decor.
• Clothing: dress appropriately for the places you visit.
• Photos: always ask permission before taking someone’s picture.
• Patience: be patient. Traveling is taking the time to discover something else. Forget the stress that you have accumulated all year long and take the time to tame the new country you are visiting and its inhabitants.

Tip 4: Watch out for your luggage

Tip number one: travel light and use luggage that matches the theme of your trip.

In general, avoid taking too much luggage; it avoids the risk of loss. Then always take with you a cabin baggage with the minimum necessary for the duration of the flight (if you travel by plane) and the first day on the spot. This helps to deal with the loss of your bag (it happens!).

Do not forget to identify your luggage from the outside with appropriate labeling but also inside. Indicate on the label your names, phone and hotel of destination to facilitate the repatriation of luggage if necessary. Do not forget to remove the old labels!

If you are using a common pattern of bag or suitcase, try to customize it a bit to make it distinctive. Another advice from Sioux, take a picture before departure.

Tip 5: Take care of your health

It would be a shame to fall stupidly sick during your vacation so pay attention to your health abroad. Some basic rules for you:

• Plan a small first aid kit with basic medicines such as aspirin, tablets for nausea due to travel, anti-mosquito etc …
• Pay attention to the sun and protect your skin with cap, hats, sunscreen and balm after sun.
• Also check which vaccines are required or recommended depending on the area you visit.
• Do not forget everything that could be useful for children if you travel with them: compresses to clean, disinfectant, aspirin, etc. Do not hesitate to contact your pharmacy to make sure you do not forget anything.


Try to leave with some local money if you have the chance. For cash withdrawals, avoid outside distributors and prefer withdrawals in banks or malls. Also, make sure you do not have anyone too close to you when you withdraw money.

Avoid too much showing your money and stay discreet. In general, avoid showing too much valuables like watches, jeweler, smartphones – the ideal being to leave them at home whenever possible. And, if you have car rent needs you can consider rent a car!

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