Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Abroad Special

To go abroad is to accept to lose one’s bearings and to go into the unknown for our greatest pleasure. Nevertheless, preparing well for your trip, being well informed and following some common sense tips can avoid disappointments and make it even better to enjoy your stay as a regular traveler or casual. Example: Book in advance: hotel rooms, plane tickets and car rentals (I booked orlando airport enterprise for $10 per day once).

Tip 1: Consult the tourist and diplomatic offices before leaving

It is quite easy to find the coordinates of the tourist office of the cities …


Las Vegas car rental features

Most of us have heard of Las Vegas, the city of casinos, the world capital of entertainment. It is one of the fastest growing and most visited metropolitan areas of the United States, where over 40 million guests arrive annually. Las Vegas is a real paradise for fans of outdoor activities and entertainment; daily concerts of world-famous singers, circus performances and musicals are held there. For even more comfortable and enjoyable stay in this city, we offer you to rent a car there. Read below how to rent a car under 25 in Las Vegas. You can also check our …


Parking in different European countries

Most tourist-oriented cities and towns have large paid parking lots in close proximity to historical centers. Appropriate signs and color markings on the road indicate parking spaces on the streets. Parking signs will tell you whether you are required to pay for parking and how you should do it. When you are using avr van rental las vegas, pay attention to this fact as well. Each European country can also have its own rules and peculiarities. Read more below.


  1. The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the government approved a project to create not just underground multi-storey car parks, but …