Las Vegas car rental features

Most of us have heard of Las Vegas, the city of casinos, the world capital of entertainment. It is one of the fastest growing and most visited metropolitan areas of the United States, where over 40 million guests arrive annually. Las Vegas is a real paradise for fans of outdoor activities and entertainment; daily concerts of world-famous singers, circus performances and musicals are held there. For even more comfortable and enjoyable stay in this city, we offer you to rent a car there. Read below how to rent a car under 25 in Las Vegas. You can also check our guide about doing it for cheap.

Hiring a car in the United States is possible with valid international license. Most agencies in the country, which provide car rental services, accept international silence. Very often, but not always, credit cards are required by rental cars’ agencies, and very often, this should be a credit card, not a debit card. In the process of car rental registration, the name of the person, who will be the driver of the car, is indicated. You must have your driver’s license with you.

Age features for renting cars in some states of America

  • New York State – driving is possible from the age of 18, however high extra fees may be imposed for those, who are under 25 – even up to $ 100/day.
  • The state of Michigan – driving is possible from the age of 18, however high additional fees may be imposed for those who are under 25 – even up to $ 100/day.
  • The state of Nevada – driving is possible from the age of 18, however high additional fees may be imposed for those who are under 25 – even up to $ 100/day.
  • Montgomery, Alabama – driving is allowed only from 25 years.

Do you need a car in Las Vegas?

Life in the United States is unthinkable without cars, especially outside the big cities, where public transport is poorly developed, and any supermarket, restaurant, or shop is at a sufficiently decent distance, which is hard to get on foot. Here, only few people walk on foot. In the state of Nevada, there are dozens of small cities, which are located at the deserted area. That is why, tourists often choose car rental, especially when visiting Las Vegas.

In big cities, everything is much simpler – public transport is well developed, and the car is more likely to cause inconvenience – there are problems with traffic jams and finding a place to park. Therefore, in such cities, people prefer to rent a car for a few hours, a few days, or even months. You can rent a car directly from the company, providing these services, make reservations via the Internet or by phone with the date and time, and then just go to the office and pick up the car. Car rental services in America can be fully executed at the Internet, where you are able to find good discounts.

What is necessary to know for renting a car in Las Vegas?

  • The minimum age for renting a car is 18-21 years. It depends on the company, via which you place your order. Some rental agencies raise the age frame to 25 years.
  • If your age is between 18 and 24, then you will have to pay an additional fee of $ 20 – $ 35 per day.
  • In addition, for people of this age category, most often it is prohibited to rent sports cars, luxury cars, etc. When choosing the company that provides car rental services in the USA, pay attention to the minimum age for rent and to the additional fees for drivers aged 18-24 years. In some US states, there are their own age categories for driving a car.

It is not hard to get access to all the great offers from world-famous car rental offices in Las Vegas and the best local companies. You pay only for the reservation of the selected car – no additional fees and hidden surcharges. You can find the most current prices and around the clock service support. A very useful feature of car rental in the USA is the possibility to pick up the car at one state and return it to the office of the same agency at another state. For example, rent a car in New York, and return it in Las Vegas, to the nearest office of the same company.

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